About Our Office


What Sets Us Apart?

Our office adheres to a strict sterilization protocol which is mandated by OSHA. We use ultrasonic techniques in combination with the state-of-the-art dental autoclave. These two systems clean and sterilize our instruments at a level not easily obtained by traditional methods and are strictly monitored to be in compliance with the highest level of infection control.

All of our endodontic treatments are performed under a powerful surgical operating microscope which allows the endodontist maximum visual control in a remarkably precise manner. This technology allows us to completely treat and more accurately diagnose many complex situations. 

We believe in minimizing the radiation exposure to our patients and improve diagnostic capabilities by utilizing an advanced digital radiography system. This technology also eliminates environmental exposure of x-ray films and hazardous byproducts. 

In more complex cases, we gather more information using the Carestream cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT or 3-dimensional images) which captures high-definition, comprehensive scans in just seconds. CBCT scans provide more information than conventional dental x-rays, allowing for more precise treatment planning.